The Best Picnics in San Diego

Enjoy the freedom of entrusting your annual picnic with the longest-running picnic tradition in San Diego: Picnic People.

We have been fortunate to be able to spread joy to hundreds of thousands of San Diegans for over 30 years.  That span includes tons of memories at iconic places, playing crazy games and eating great food with people who share our belief that having a good time builds morale and replenishes determination.

Enjoy San Diego’s Best Company Picnics

We frequently ask our friends and clients to imagine their CEO, directors, co-workers and friends running in a relay race, competing in a lawn game or chowing down on a juicy burger.  Can you envision how that will impact your employees’ and co-workers’ morale?

The joy and amusement that comes from a well-planned, brilliantly catered and exceptionally executed picnic is irreplaceable.  We can’t wait to give your organization an entire afternoon full of reasons to smile.

San Diego’s Only Full-Service Picnic Company

As your one-stop-shop, your every picnic wishes—and responsibilities—are our picnic goals.  When you work with Picnic People, you get a flexible, custom picnic caterer who will facilitate fun with adventurous, outside-the-box planners that will make you look great.

It’s easy to work with a company who relieves you of obligations and chores, too—for example, we will go out to a picnic location as early as we need to—sometimes in the wee hours of the morning!—to hold spots so that there is not a single wrinkle in your day.  At the end of the day, and because it’s important to you and us, your perfect picnic location will be cleaner than we found it.


Ask about our Picnic People Guarantee!


Who’s Ready for a San Diego Picnic?

Picnic People is able to plan and execute picnics for 25 – 25,000 people, so no matter how many employees, friends and family members you’re inviting, there’s plenty of activities, food and fun for everyone.

The best part about any sized picnic?  Everyone is having fun together, and we make sure of it!  Job titles, roles and responsibilities are left at the office come celebration time—everyone is on equal footing at a picnic.  We like to cultivate a fun and comfortable atmosphere for you to introduce family members and friends to people you work with every day.

Weekday Picnic Fun

You don’t have to reserve the fun for the weekend.  Picnic People produces numerous weekday picnics, most popularly the Friday afternoon picnics, though we can be found all over San Diego’s finest picnic venues on any day of the week.

Ask how we can help you reward staff with a weekday picnic—we know how to break up the work week and boost employee morale in a special way!